The Appreneur Podcast Episode 12 : What It Takes For Your App To Be Generate 15k In The First Month And Get A Product Hunt Feature

Guest: Bartosz Hernas Stamp Apps Stamp on Product Hunt Bartosz new travel venture user messaging to help get good reviews could help you get good reviews  medium article about getting 5 star reviews App promotion service Bartosz used Pauls episode discussing app reviews

The Appreneur Podcast Episode 11: How An Online Course Can Supplement Your Developer Income

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The Appreneur Podcast Episode 9 : How iOSStack Became Featured On Product Hunt & Taking The Selling Of Your App Seriously

Paul & Chris talk about iOSStack and how it achieved over 10,000 pageviews in the first 36 hours of launch. Jeffrey gives us a pep talk on how important it is to take sales seriously and now a negative attitude towards sales and marketing will hold you app back. - 589 upvotes on Product Hunt so far - site for analyzing Product Hunt ranks - buy & sell your stuff - another payment option (like PayPal) - a non-profit developer support organization

The Appreneur Podcast Episode 8 : How The App 'Sara & Death' Was Featured on the App Store