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TAGP508 Benjamin Yee: Up Yours University And Corporations Because I'm My Own Boss

Benjamin Yee, Founder of EMERGE App has followed a different path, but one which I think is truly inspirational. If only I heard stories like this before leaving myself for University and then following the standard corporate path.

Ben has:

  • never worked in a corporate 9-5
  • never been to University
  • never had a boss

However, he's running his own successful startup focussing on helping small business owners and solo entrepreneurs like us.



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Here are the 3 things I learned from Ben:

  1. You don't need a University Degree or past Corporate Career to succeed with a tech startup
  2. Living in an expensive city is possible as a startup founder - you simply need to be very mindful of your outgoings and make sacrifices (where possible)
  3. Find a second income, if possible, to subsidize everything else, so you can continue to work on your dream.