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TAGP386 Janet Murray : How To Pitch Journalists Like A Pro


Janet Murray founder of can help you get press coverage for your business or brand. Whether you’re looking to attract more customers, raise cash – or just make more people aware of what you do – being featured in places like the Guardian, Huffington Post or Psychologies magazine, or landing a spot on BBC Breakfast or Sky News, Janet will help you get there quicker.

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TAGP385 Yaniv Leven : An Entrepreneur Must Feel That They Are Changing Something In The World That Is A Given


Yaniv Leven CEO & Co-Founder at talks about the entrepreneurial journey. He suggests an entrepreneur must feel that they are changing something in the world that is a given. 

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TAGP384 Graham Hobson : The Story Of Photobox : A Single Purchase On Day One To Celebrating 7 Million Customers 15 Years Later

Graham Hobson co-founder of Photobox talks us through his amazing story of conceiving the idea of printing digital photos online - in 1999. Remember, this was a time when there were hardly any digital cameras and broadband was scarce. Photobox has grown from earning less than a fiver on day 1 to now celebrating serving over 7 million customers, 32 million birthdays, 8 million birthdays and 1.5 million proud announcements. 

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