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TAGP317 Nadya Nguyen : How I Raised Over $650,000 For My Idea On Kickstarter

Nadya Nguyen co-founder of Hidrate has built a smart water bottle to help you with your hydration. I was lucky enough to get involved in helping launch Hidrate on Product Hunt. There may be a future episode on my other show App Store Launch Stories ( ) about this campaign because it went on to become the most upvoted Kickstarter on Product Hunt (of all time)

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TAGP210 Christopher Ayala : Alcohol App : Wearable : Health : Drinking & Driving : Saving Lives

Christopher Ayala On The App Guy Podcast

In this episode I chat with an entrepreneur who's on a mission is to save a life a day with an app. Christopher Ayala CEO of Alcohoot, the world's first smartphone breathalyzer. If you want find out what inspires CEO's of startup app companies, this is the episode for you.

Learn with us as we predict health related features in apps, wearables, the benefits of having social responsibility built into your apps.

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