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TAGP438 Estelle + Douglas Lloyd : A New Platform For Kids That Allows Them To Safely Explore And Do Everything They Love Online

Estelle & Douglas Lloyd are the founders of Azoomee, a kids entertainment and learning service that gives access to the best videos, games, tutorials, learning and creative tools through a single destination online platform. It delivers tailored, age-appropriate material that changes and develops as the child grows. The company works with the best partners and engineers to create an environment which is ad-free and safe from the threats of the wider internet. 

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TAGP431 Tracy Hazzard : An Episode To Help You Think About Your Long-Term Dreams

Tracy Hazzard is the CEO and President of Hazz Design. Tracy has worked directly for award-winning companies like Milliken & Herman Miller; developed designs worldwide for brands like Martha Stewart and Costco. Her expertise has been featured in Working Woman, Wired, Forbes and Fortune Small Business, including articles in ICON and Archi-Tech. She is a 3D Print Designer, Podcast Host and Author. Her weekly column By Design is featured in

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TAGP386 Janet Murray : How To Pitch Journalists Like A Pro


Janet Murray founder of can help you get press coverage for your business or brand. Whether you’re looking to attract more customers, raise cash – or just make more people aware of what you do – being featured in places like the Guardian, Huffington Post or Psychologies magazine, or landing a spot on BBC Breakfast or Sky News, Janet will help you get there quicker.

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TAGP317 Nadya Nguyen : How I Raised Over $650,000 For My Idea On Kickstarter

Nadya Nguyen co-founder of Hidrate has built a smart water bottle to help you with your hydration. I was lucky enough to get involved in helping launch Hidrate on Product Hunt. There may be a future episode on my other show App Store Launch Stories ( ) about this campaign because it went on to become the most upvoted Kickstarter on Product Hunt (of all time)

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