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TAGP463 Andrew Couch + Andrew Kirkland : Real-Time Location-Aware Content Delivery Using Augmented Reality

Andrew Couch is the Co-Founder and Executive Officer of Candy Lab and Andrew Kirkland is the Head Of Business Development. CandyBAR┬«, which is a product of Candy Lab, is a technology toolset that sends people to locations and businesses using custom-branded, location-aware mobile applications. A valuable lesson I learnt from the two Andrews is the importance about being passionate and married to your vision - despite the bumpy road ahead of you.

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TAGP157 Nicolas Loeillot :Image Recognition: Augmented Reality: Minority Report: Work Abroad: Tokyo: Google Glass Alternative

Nicolas Loeillot On The App Guy Podcast

Today I speak with Nicolas Loeillot the CEO of LM3LABS and creator of . Nicolas likes to develop for the future. In fact, he gets ideas from Science Fiction movies like Minority Report. His service, Xloudia, offers developers high performance image recognition software.

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