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TAGP512 Prabhjot Singh : Solves The Biggest Problem App Developers Face

Prabhjot Singh Co-Founder and President Of Pyze. Prabhjot helps mobile app publishers solve their biggest challenge - engaging and retaining users.



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Here are the 3 things I learned from Prabhjot

    •    The biggest problem app entrepreneurs face is that people download a lot of apps to their device, but end up using only a handful of apps
    •    The deck is stacked against the Indie App Developer. Over the last few years, we’ve seen the corporatization of the App Store by the big players. It’s very hard now for the indie developer to break in. The big issue is data. The big companies can build these data platforms that track all kinds of information to personalise the app experience for the average person. Indie developers don’t have the same capabilities
    •    Nevertheless, App Stores are still the best way to get distribution of product. You get access to billions of devices with just a couple of places to upload.