Jo Overline Ugly Mug Founder

Jo Overline has been a successful iOS app creator for over ten years.  He’s built over 30 apps in various categories, and over 30 million downloads under his belt holding the #1 spot in 94 countries.

The “Ugly Meter” app was one of his most successful. He created the controversial app and it propelled him into app stardom where everyone on the planet seemed to be downloading the app. It reached #1 instantly.

Nevertheless, it wasn't all plain sailing because the main stream media made up fake news about Ugly Meter to stir up the controversy and Jo had to deal with the good and the 'ugly' side of the press. 

Get inspired how Jo turned all the press attention into a viable business which meant he now follows his passion for app development with the unique

Resources: Website / Twitter  / Linkedin / IMDB pageUgly Meter: The iPhone app that rates your attractiveness”

Overline gives Wii owners “The Shaft”

By the way, Ugly Meter appeared on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, Daily Mail UK, Huffington Post, Tonight Show w/Jay Leno, NY Post, NY Times
and Hundreds of morning radio/news shows

Here are the 3 things I learned from Jo Overline

  • The easiest way to get free press is to give them a story
  • We often read about app entrepreneurs getting millions of downloads. Maybe we think we can copy the successful formula. Despite our best efforts, sometimes these success stories are just down to good old fashioned luck which cannot be repeated
  • Successful people can be genuinely motivated to help others succeed which is so wonderful about the startup and entrepreneurial world