James Eder Founder & Chief Collision Creator @ Causr.co . James recently launched his app startup, but he already has a user who has generated over $500,000 in business as a result of using his app CAUSR. James is seeking a tech co-founder. Can you help?


Resources: Website / Twitter  / Linkedin 

Here are the 3 things I learned from James: 

  • Remember, people do business with people
  • A clever way to launch an app. (1) Build a quick web app, get lots of feedback and ask questions. (2) Find relevant communities in places like LinkedIn groups. (3) Build the app based on what you learned from your beta test and launch it to your own audience you've built during the testing phase
  • Networking through an app is best when the people you want to meet are nearby and the purpose of you nextworking is put into context.