Dave Baggett On The App Guy Podcast

Episode109 In this episode I interview Dave Baggett, founder of the mail app Inky. Dave started out his career by developing the game Crash Bandicoot for Sony Playstation. After writing Crash 1 and 2 he decided to join up with some of his MIT classmates and form the company ITA software to try and change the travel industry. They they later sold ITA to Google for 730 million. He then had the idea to try and make email better. That is where Dave and his team are now. You know, Dave could have just sat on a beach somewhere with all of his money, but he loves writing code and trying to solve problems. I get the sense that he actually really cares about email and trying to make it better. Learn about his story and his latest iOS app released, with Android coming soon.  

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Resources: Dave Baggett's Website Inky / Twitter / Inky Twitter / Facebook / Quora / email: DMB@inky.com