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Epsiode 34
In this episode, I interview Dan Norris Co-Founder at WPCurve. Dan works on the Gold Coast of Australia and set up WPCurve. The service offers Unlimited WordPress fixes live 24 hours a day from $69 / month. Dan had given himself two more weeks before looking for a job. He wisely applied his 10 point criteria to this successful startup.

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10 Criteria Dan used to start his business:

1. Solves a clear problem in a unique way
2. Preferably recurring but don’t force it when it’s not 
3. Gives us a good financial reward on our time but also represents good value
4. Scalable (work can be done by affordable contractors)
5. Large market
6. Targets our core SMB audience
7. Doesn’t complicate / cannibalize other offerings
8. Will it be building an asset long term
9. Suits the audience based model well (free solution + paid solution)
10. Will be fun for us to work on

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