Jenviev Azzolin And Denzil Dsa On The App Guy Podcast

In today's segment we will be speaking with Jenviev Azzolin & Denzil D'Sa the co-founders of PPLCONNECT. Denzil D’Sa and Jenviev Azzolin founded 
PPLCONNECT after leaving their 
management jobs from a Fortune 500 
company, where they led major international 
launches (one of which was recognized as 
the most successful in business aviation 
history). PPLCONNECT lets users send/receive their SMS as well as Free Messages, all in 1 thread. 
And then continue the conversation on their computer, tablet, and more. We also let users Call 
with their phone number from any device. We have been compared to an iMessage for Android.

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Resources: PPLConnect WebsiteTwitter 

Jenviev Azzolin Linkedin / Twitter 

Denzil D'sa Twitter / Linkedin