Hey Appreneur,

You came up with a great idea for an app. Learned what it took to bring your idea to life. Brought it to the app store, launched it, and.... 

...did it take off? 

Disappointed in your results? You're not alone. Getting your app or game noticed, reviewed, and downloaded is turning out to be a WAY bigger challenge than development ever was. 

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The Appreneur Summit: 

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You’ll learn: 

- How to Plan and Execute a Successful Launch 
- How to Get More Downloads on $0 Marketing Budget 
- How to Turbo-Charge Your App’s Profitability 
- How to Craft Irresistible Pitches to Reporters and Get Free PR 
- How to Position Your App to Stand Out in a Crowded App Store 
- What You’re Doing Wrong When It Comes to ASO – And What to Do Instead 

- How Indies Can Compete With the Big Guys 
- Business and Monetization Models You’ve Never Heard Before 
- What Metrics Should You Track—and What Should You Do About Them? 
- and Much, MUCH More! 

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Appreneur Summit

Enjoy the sessions and take notes. Trust me, it’s worth the opt-in.