Latest Episode : From 0 To 2 Billion Requests Per Day

The inspiring Alex Austin, founder of takes us through his journey. It starts from building lots of apps and desperately seeking downloads, such as a photo printing app, and ends in building an internal product to cope with deep linking challenges which ultimately has led to the extremely successful Branch. It wasn't an easy journey, with lots of 3 am alerts to cope with server issues.

I'm Using Trendpie, Are You Interested In Seeing The Download Numbers?

Hopefully this week, I'll be launching a Twitter campaign for my new app Velapp. It's a cost of $1,000, but I'm excited about the potential the results and reach.

Are you interested in seeing download numbers from me?

I'm actually helping Trendpie promote themselves on newsletters, buying up space on my good friend's list called Indie-iOS Focus Weekly.

Here is the message I'm sending out next week:

Downloads. Downloads. Downloads.

With a follower reach of 250M users, Trend Pie uses social media to drive organic downloads for your app.

Multiple apps have become a trending search in the App Store driving tens of thousands of downloads and on average Trend Pie customers are getting a $.40 cost-per-install.

Any feedback you think can help? Just reply to this email

Hooray! I'm In, but its disappointing because....

...I only received a single click to my website. It goes to show, you never know what is going to be successful and what will be a let down. At the very least, I get to brag about being mentioned in

In any event, the article should be a helpful resource to app entrepreneurs.

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Latest Episode : Up Yours University And Corporate World

Benjamin Yee, Founder of EMERGE App has followed a different path, but one which I think is truly inspirational. If only I heard stories like this before leaving myself for University and then following the standard corporate path.

Ben has:

never worked in a corporate 9-5
never been to University
never had a boss
However, he's running his own successful startup focussing on helping small business owners and solo entrepreneurs like us.

I'm On A Brand New Show Called My Worst Interview

I've followed in the footsteps of the legendary John Lee Dumas as the second guest interview on this new show. To my delight, I've been able to triple the audience. I did this doing the following:

  • Loading up my ViralTag account - used Twitter @ mentions including the most engaged listeners on my list. My Twitter list is called 'Awesome RT'd An Episode' 
  • Managed to get on the home page of Hacker News

By the way, if you want $15 credit loaded to your ViralTag account, use my referral link:

Oh yes! The host of this show, Tim Sinclair, is trying to make it into New & Noteworthy. If you leave him a review, he might just make it.

Latest Episode : Live A Purpose Driven Life

Great Glyer talks about his app that is changing the way we give money. Listen to what it's like to have an appreneur life filled with a purpose to help change the world for the better. Useful listening if you are stuck in a corporate 9 to 5 lifestyle.

Latest Episode Of The App Guy Podcast

How To Get Free Press for Your App Startup

I've been using an online course by my guest Dmitry Dragilev. It's helped me find and build relationships with a targeted list of tech journalists in the field of video editing.

This is so helpful in preparation for my upcoming launch of .

Let me know if you are likely to personally know any influencers on my list and I'll send it over to you. We may be able to help each other make more connections.

It's That Time Of Year Again!

I was asked for my tech prediction for the year ahead. This is what I said:

In 2017, I think creators, curators, and users will start moving in big numbers to decentralized business models. The year will mark the biggest upsurge in apps using the technology Blockchain. It’ll be a general backlash to the big tech powerhouses. The trend will be driven by a growing swell of discontentment among people regarding centralized apps such as Twitter (now big on censorship), Facebook (heavily manipulating its news feed algorithms), eBay (constantly changing its rules for sellers) or Reddit (shadow banning many of its users).

What's Do You Think?

Latest Episode Of The App Guy Podcast

James Eder Founder & Chief Collision Creator @ . James recently launched his app startup, but he already has a user who has generated over $500,000 in business as a result of using his app CAUSR. James is seeking a tech co-founder. Can you help?

Latest Episode Of The App Guy Podcast

Vivek Chugh, Founder of Listables walks us through his appreneur journey.

The result of our launch on Product Hunt is over 1,000% increase in daily unique users, app sessions and installs

AngelList Buys Product Hunt

So, it's been announced that AngelList are buying Product Hunt.

So far, people are asking:

  • How much did AngelList pay? Ans. approx. $20m
  • Will there be a push for monetising?
  • Will the sites merge?
What Do You Think?

Product Hunt is important to my app launches.

Email me what you think to the news

Can You Help Me Launch An App Loved By Apple Co-Founder?

On 8th December, I'm planning to launch an app that is simply loved by Steve Wozniak. In fact, he's down for demo'ing the app during his next trip to London.

The app is called VELAPP. Just think Video Editing Live. It's a revolutionary app that will change the way we edit our videos. 

Can you help me with the launch?

I'll happily take any help you can offer. e.g.

  • sharing on your social media
  • connecting me to people in your network who can help
  • suggesting influencers I could approach

If you have enjoyed my free episodes over the years, now is your chance to show your love by helping me out with my very important launch. Email me your ideas, introductions, articles etc.