I just launched my company’s new app called Velapp and used alternative growth hacks to Twitter paid ads. I reduced my potential cost per click (via Twitter) by over 500%

Is Twitter advertising best when you go through their self-serve ad dashboard?


I have used Twitter ads in the past, but I found it costly and very time consuming.

Luckily, I found alternative growth hacks. Here is my experience using a new influencer service from Trend Pie and finding success on Product Hunt

Listen To Episode 498 - Victor Ricci founder of Trend Pie

Listen To Episode 498 - Victor Ricci founder of Trend Pie

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Listen on Android

My top 5 reasons to stay away from Twitter’s own ad platform.

1. Twitter Charges Too Much for Performance

On average, a thousand views on Twitter costs anywhere from $9 to $11. As I say, you pay too much using Twitter’s own ad platform.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 12.41.45.png

Source: http://follows.com/blog/2016/05/twitter-ads-facebook-instagram

As it happens, I just paid an average of $0.26 per 1,000 impressions using Trend Pie

I achieved 3,610,173 impressions and this cost $1,000.

In fact, here is the full report showing:
Impressions 3,610,173
Engagements 72,120
Engagement Rate 2.03%
Retweets 73
Likes 514
Media Views 59,710

Seeing the Twitter activity on launch day filled me with great excitement.

This is just one example of Retweets from a single tweet:
Original Tweet:

Source: https://twitter.com/meghanpellegri/status/839656962052800516

Source: https://twitter.com/meghanpellegri/status/839656962052800516

My click performance was high because of the massive number of followers from accounts who retweeted.

2. Target Trending Keywords

Trend Pie started my campaign around the spring break. This meant they targeted the keyword ‘Spring Break’ in a few tweets.

For example….

A good strategy is to start a campaign around a relevant big event so you can jump on the band wagon of a trending keyword.

3. Twitter Engagement Targeting

Everyone knows its not just about a follower count or number of impressions. A better metric is number of engagements.

In my campaign for Velapp, I achieved:
Engagements 72,120
Engagement Rate 2.03%

I used a tracking link because I wanted to share my experience with my community. This cost me in a lower engagement rate. If I never used a tracking link, I could’ve achieved a higher engagement rate of about 2.3% (which is 82,938 total engagements)

4. Twitter Has A High Cost per Click

Now remember, not all of my tracked clicks would’ve registered. However, in launching Velapp and working with Trend Pie, I achieved 1,903 clicks; almost all of these UNIQUE CLICKS.

This compares to using Twitters own ad platform at a potential cost around $2.75 per click.

Source: http://soloadsinfor.blogspot.co.uk/2016/09/average-cost-per-click-for-linkedin-ads.html

Source: http://soloadsinfor.blogspot.co.uk/2016/09/average-cost-per-click-for-linkedin-ads.html

So, conducting the equivalent Velapp campaign, but using the Twitter self-serve ad network  would’ve cost me a massive $5,233

5. Quality Of Clicks

In our live campaign, every 2.4 clicks from either Trend Pie or our hunt day on Product Hunt resulted in a download. We spent a total of $1,000. This meant a very low cost per install of $1.26.

This compares to an average of say $6.50 per download, but then this is all over the place when you run your own campaign on Twitter

Source: http://www.socialmediatoday.com/social-business/how-really-run-twitter-lead-generation-campaign

Note: It’s challenging to attribute each download because I had two initiatives under way at the same time - Trend Pie and Product Hunt. Total spend was $1,000

In summary

Here is an infographic to sum up my growth hacking experience...

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Listen to episode 393 w. David de Min of Velapp