Game apps are proliferating in the market at a burgeoning rate. It becomes really difficult to make out whether an app will be able to reach its targeted audience effectively or will it just get crushed beneath the hordes of other apps. 

If we search for a particular genre of apps on Play Store, we will be able to find thousands of apps on the same utility, game or a service. One thing that is worth noticing is that there are one or two apps which hold the top positions on the Play Store. These are the same apps which attract user’s attention and are able to make a mark in the market. Since, countless gaming apps featuring teen patti, rummy and other social games are being launched every day so it becomes very difficult to maintain a constant position among the top gaming apps on Play Store.

So are you wondering what could make your game app go from rags to riches ?

A well-defined marketing strategy is a requisite for the promotion of your game app. Everyone has one and so should you. It’s not just about following the rat race but creating a unique strategy of your own, better than your competitors, of course, to reach the zenith of success. 

Here’s a short infographic guiding you to the basic key points you should incorporate in your marketing strategy for your game app’s promotion: